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Thank you to VIDOR BUSINESS NETWORK for stepping up and sponsoring our Tournament.  VBN has donated $1500 to our fund.  Thank you also to Joe McDaniel for donating again this year $300.  Because of these two generous donations, we will have a terrific tournament.

If you would like to be a donor, please Contact Watson Franks at 409-201-2543 for information on how you can become a partner in this exciting event for Vidor

We also need items donated to give to our players from across the land.  If your business has items to donate, we will welcome the gifts!




Watson Franks

Tournament Director


Watson has been playing checkers since age of 3.  He was taught by his father to love, appreciate and play the game with sportsmanship.  Watson has played in many national tournaments over the last 15 years including Nationals, Alabama State Tournament and Louisiana Tournament.  Watson hosted the Louisiana State Tournament in 2009. He coached a local team of 50 students from Bossier City, La. between the ages of 7-12.

Watson was co-champion this past year of the National Tournament in Branson, taking part in the Minor Division.  He says his favorite memory was playing World Champion Alex Moiseyev during the Alabama Tournament in 2016 and coming away with 2 draws in 2 games.

Watson is working hard to make this Vidor National Checkers Tournament a success.

Watson has been a resident of Vidor since 1993.

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Change in Tournament Location

Tournament to be Held at

Lakewood Community Center

Vidor, TX